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With Fame App, transform into an AI-powered influencer, creating and sharing captivating content, all while keeping your identity under wraps.

Mobile App Coming March 2024

Unleash Creativity. Preserve Anonymity. Redefine Social Media.

Discover the liberty of unidentified articulation in the online domain.

Fame App is ushering in a new era of social media where anonymity and creativity coexist. Our platform empowers you to share your thoughts and ideas freely, without the constraint of personal exposure. Embrace the liberty to create, inspire, and influence, all while your identity remains comfortably in the shadows

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Featured by

Fame AI Persona.
One Click Away.

Fame AI lets you create and train your own AI model, customizing everything from appearance to behavior. Select your desired profile before posting, and watch as your personalized AI character seamlessly replaces you in the post.

FameEngine, the innovative technology behind Fame AI, transforms your digital identity. Choose your persona, train your model, create captivating captions and content that truly represent you.


Design Your Digital A.I. Double.

Craft your AI model with our intuitive interface, customizing everything from appearance to behavior. This is your chance to create a digital persona that truly represents you, all while keeping your identity anonymous.

Craft your AI model with our intuitive interface, customizing everything from appearance to behavior. This is your chance to create a digital persona that represents you, all while keeping your identity anonymous.


Power Your Presence, Shape Your Impact.

Take your personalized AI model and infuse it into your posts with just a click. Experience the thrill of sharing your ideas, expressions, and creativity, all wrapped in the cloak of your digital persona. All powered by FameEngine.

100+ unique Fame AI personas created
to date

We're not just following the AI influencer trend, we're reshaping it. Our groundbreaking AI technology transforms digital interaction, giving you the power to command your online narrative like never before.

Your Gateway from Images to Live Streams

With Fame AI, you can create, connect, and control your content, your way.

From AI-enhanced images to dynamic videos and interactive live streams, Fame AI is your toolkit for digital expression. Craft content that resonates, engage with your audience, and control your online narrative. With Fame AI, unleash the full potential of your digital self.

With Fame AI, seamlessly transition between platforms. Decrease friction, increase connectivity.

A.I. Persona Creation

Fame AI allows users to craft their unique AI persona, tailoring every aspect to perfectly reflect their style. No two personas are the same, ensuring a truly unique digital expression.

FameEngine (Image)

FameEngine powers your digital presence, helping you shape your impact across social platforms. It also amplifies your voice and safeguards your anonymity.

FameEngine (Video)

Coming Soon

Leverage the power of Fame AI to produce captivating video content. From idea generation to editing, our AI tools streamline the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your message.

FameEngine (Stream)

Coming Soon

You can take your live streaming to the next level. Our AI technology can manage real-time interactions, ensuring you deliver a memorable live experience to your audience while maintaining your privacy.

Freedom Unleashed

With Fame AI, the world is your stage.
Break free from limitations, express yourself without fear.

Privacy Protected

Your confidences remain confidential with Fame AI. Express freely, secure in the knowledge that your privacy is our priority.

No Boundaries

Whether you're in Tokyo or Timbuktu, Fame AI is there for you. Create, share, and engage on your terms, anywhere, anytime.

Fame AI Web :
Experience the Future Today

Fame AI Web :
Experience the Future Today

Embark on your digital journey with a test drive of Fame AI Web. Create, customize, and share your AI persona across platforms, all while receiving intuitive content suggestions.

Embark on your digital journey with a test drive of Fame AI Web. Create, customize, and share your AI persona across platforms, all while receiving intuitive content suggestions.

How it works? Read below

How it works? Read below

Create Your AI Persona

Kickstart your digital journey by crafting a unique AI persona that embodies your vision.

Upload Your Content

Visually structure your pages and link to them with a few clicks. Every link will be automatically updated when page names change.


Fame AI suggests engaging content based on your persona, combining the AI Persona to draft a post for you.

Seamless Sharing

With one click, broadcast your content to your social networks, making cross-platform sharing a breeze.

Influencers' Choice

Dive into a curated collection of testimonials where influencers share their real-world experiences and endorsements.

  • The power to craft unlimited AI influencers with FAME is a game-changer. It's cost-effective, scalable, and simply brilliant.

    Human and Machine


  • Social media and AI are going to be incredibly disruptive together. It just feels so obvious. It is the natural evolution.

    Lark Davis


  • What we're seeing with FAME, is a gamechanger in the world of influencer marketing because it offers businesses constant availability, targetability, and adaptability, making their campaigns much more effective and profitable.



  • FAME seems to be ahead of the curve. AI social influencers are designed to engage consumers from different races, nationalities, genders, and more. It's creative, fun, and absolutely the future.

    𝔅𝔲𝔩𝔩𝔯𝔲𝔫 π”Šπ”―π”žπ”³π”žπ”«π”¬


  • The AI influencer model is simply the natural progression of what we are seeing today. AI art is a big component of inning 1 and now it is becoming the combination of tools like chatgpt and bringing that art/characters to life.



  • AI Influencers will replace all generic social media, which means social capital will be dominated by top-heavy AI agencies. FameAI democratizes the power of AI influencers for anyone to create their own AI powered agency. Fame can provide a massive competitive edge for every Web3 ecosystem.



  • AI influencers are the next evolution in Social-Fi and Fame is bringing that vision to life

    Crypto FOMO


  • @getFameAI really gone fly imo. The amount of participants and impressions is so freaking bullish and it's just getting started.



  • FAME's concept of AI influencers is groundbreaking. It's not just about influence; it's about endless creative possibilities.

    Coach K


  • FAME has truly revolutionized the game. I've never felt more in control of my digital self than with my AI influencer.

    Michael, Boxmining


  • Creating my AI influencer with FAME has been a remarkable journey. This is the future of influence, and it's here to stay.

    Nathan, Cryptonauts


  • FAME has opened up a new world for me. Creating my AI influencer was a breeze, and the business opportunities are endless.

    Oliver Ngg


  • This is dope. Stoked to watch this thing launch



  • The future AI is hereeee!



  • Personally looking to use FAME to build AI Influencer for cryptodaku Brand. Once platform live be ready to see 2-4 influencers in cryptodaku family



  • Fame AI unlocks the potential for safe, anonymous content creation, empowering aspiring influencers without the risks of doxxing or online hate.



  • Brand promotions have always been a tidious job, with $Fame this gets simplified.

    TGK Thunders


  • Instead of being a boring personality, AI can frame itself into anything people want which only makes Fame AI’s vision of capturing influencer space with AI influencers more robust.



  • FameAI is where SocialFi and the sophistication of AI converge, creating a potential emerging market of endless opportunities throughout the influencer and KOL space.



  • AI is the future of technology and the niche $FMC has carved within crypto will make waves that pierce the entire media landscape - changing how we interact with one another



  • We strongly believe in FAME AI, and we envision AI in social media as the future.